About us

AJ Leather Factory

AJ Leather Factory is an artisan workshop with more than a decade of experience, situated in Florence, Italy. We are specialized in producing clothing for men & women, as well as handbags and craft accessories in Leather.

The original and refined features, the top quality materials and high level manufacturing are flawless in each small detail. This makes our products coveted by a demanding and refined clientele.

AJ Leather Factory was born from the union of the great Florentine craftwork tradition together with the desire of constant innovation.

Being innovative means pushing your own proposal to a higher level,  in terms of quality of materials and manifacture, with special attention in  matching garments and accessories’

The production of AJ Leather Factory continues to respect the florentine  artisan tradition in its numerous stages of creating a single product. The  ideation of the prototype,the colouring by hand(buffering) and stitched finishing,  all part of a handcraft workmanship, which delivers a high level and luxury product to the customer.

Comfortable materials,soft at touch, treated with natural and innovative  techniques, like the digitalprinted natural leather that characterizes the  ASTRONOMICA Line by AJ, give birth to unique products of absolute excellence.

AJ Leather Factory welcome You in their beautiful showrooms in Florence in the heart of the old town city center.