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Astronomica Natural by AJ

Handbags produced in soft natural vegetable tanned mutton leather with Astrolabe digital print.

Astronomica Vernicetta by AJ

Handbags produced in vegetable tanned calf leather with Astrolabe digital print, pressed to give the leather its characteristic relief print, applying trasparent film to obtain the semigloss finish.

Astronomica Basic
by AJ

Handbags produced in soft vegetable tanned mutton leather, dyed by hand to obtain its antique effect. A Line of handbags equipped with an Astrolabe printed silkscarf, to add a touch of elegance.

AJ Buffered Skin

Handbags produced entirely in leathers colored by hand(buffered).

AJ Washed Leather

Handbags produced in vegetable tanned and washed mutton leather.

AJ Napa Leather

Handbags produced in soft calfskin nappa treated leather.